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Elizabeth Wolff is a middle-aged woman who comes to the Rio Grande Gorge bridge outside of Taos to celebrate the first day of her retirement. Isabel Swann is a young woman who comes to jump. Together they take off into the desert to see if one stranger can convince another in less than 24 hours that life is worth living. With darkness approaching, they run out of gas. Alone and lost in the desert, they meet a gun-toting priest and his son who live hidden from the outside world. Under a brilliant New Mexico moon, their four lives collide in all the magic, mystery and mania that marks how we live and love in America.

Carlos Castenada. “The trouble with you is you think you have time.”
ISABEL SWANN……a young woman from Indiana
ELIZABETH WOLFF……a middle aged woman
SIMON FALLS…..a young man* who has always lived in the New Mexico desert
MARTIN FALLS….Simon’s father, a middle-aged Priest

*Playwright’s Note: SIMON’s Mother was an immigrant from an unspecified country.
He can be any racial/ethnicity - as may any of the other actors.
The entire play takes place outside. It's theatre. Imagine.

2014 Motion picture option, Daniel Borjesson (director)
2006 Winner, Ohio Arts Council, Individual Artist Grant, Playwriting
2005 Tri-State Actors Theatre, NJ, Staged Reading
2004 The Cleveland PlayHouse, Next Stage Festival, Staged Reading
2003 Dobama Theatre, Cleveland OH, Reading
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Swann | Sandra Perlman

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