In Search of Red River Dog

2 w/ 2 m / 2 acts/ 90 minutes

A young Ohio girl's journey begins with nursery rhymes and ends when her search for her lost dog leads her to confront her husband's fears and lies, her mother's manipulation and her father's lost dreams. From the deserted mines of her childhood to the poisoned landscape of her marriage, Paulette follows a trail of choices. Could they have lied to the people about what they were dumping in the ground? Could her husband Denny have lied to her about the stars? Why hasn't their dog Red returned home? Paulette's Mother sees that her daughter's search for the truth is only driving her further away from her husband. Bertie's solution leads Denny to confront his own dark fears , insecurities, and ultimately, the very sanctity of their marriage bed. Paulette finally confronts the reality of her father's despair and drink while forcing her to decide which path her life will take and which truth she will pursue.
Paulette – a young woman (wife)
Denny – a young man (husband)
Bertie – Paulette's mother
John Sr. – Paulette's father
The playwright encourages the use of an inter-racial/ethnic cast

The back yard of Paulette and Denny's trailer in Deerfield Ohio

One hot summer day in August 1978

Production and Award History
2011 – Theatre du Fou, Nice, France
2000 – New Jersey Rep.
1997 – Jane Chambers National Playwriting Award, Honorable mention
1997 – American College Theatre Festival Regional Representative
1997 – Muskingum College (OH)
1996 – Cleveland Women's Project, staged reading
1993 – Eugene O'Neill Theater Center (finalist under title LOOKING FOR RED)
1984 – University of Dayton (OH)
1983 – Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship
"The play is about the conflict between illusion and reality.....
Bill O'Connor, Akron Beacon Journal
"Sam Shepardesque in a stark, reality driven, highly emotional way"
Asbury Park Press
adobe-pdf-icon-logo-vector-01 In Search of Red River Dog
(full play)
adobe-pdf-icon-logo-vector-01 A la Recherche du Chien de la Rivière Rouge
(French version)
Translation by Bernard Doré

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