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A Woman and three Spirit Women talk about life before the war separated them from their former friends, neighbors and family. A poetic work meant to incorporate movement and dance and music.
Spirit Woman One
Spirit Woman Two
Spirit Woman Three
NOTE: If you wish to add more performers that is possible with permission as is the deletion of some of the repetitions in the text. This is a fluid piece.

Time Present

Setting An empty space

Authors Note:
When the direction is given to use "Language" before dialogue for the SPIRIT WOMEN, the playwright suggests the use of foreign languages in place of the English text to denote the universality of the themes of the price of war on families, communities and lovers. The languages should be varied but should reflect a variety of sounds as well as language groups. Also, there should be a great deal of emphasis on motion, dance and movement while choreographing the text. (Dance companies are encouraged to adapt this for performance. The playwright continues to be interested in working with text and movement and encourages inquiries.) The specific choice of music and other sound or rhythms and dance or movement style is up to the discretion of each production.

1997 Big Damn Deal Productions, Phoenix (AZ)
1996 Total Theatre, Columbus (OH)
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Before the War | Sandra Perlman

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